Thursday, August 18, 2011


Welcome to New Zealand. We have been a isolated country for many years and been famous for our multi cultures and many more.

The Buzzy Bee is a classic NZ icon, it has been around for many many years. It was created in the very late 1930s by a man named Hec Ramsey who took the buzzy bee around the New Zealand. He made buzzy bee famous,around New Zealand, also it was presented to the English Royal family - Prince William.

The tiki is a traditional, classic NZ icon. In Aotearoa they are made from greenstone known as pounamu. It is also created out of bones. It was a shape figure of a man it is treasure to New Zealand and to Maori.The full name of the tiki is hetiki its a toaonga to new Zealand.It is valued treasures to New Zealand.

Our country is a place of multi culture and we would like you to make your self at home during your time at the Rugby World Cup.

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