Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Today at camp was very fun because we went to swimarama we had a lot of fun we had races in the pool. My funest bit of the day was when we went on the hydro slide me and my mates played tag in the water. I went on the sprinkers and wet everybody with the fire hose. after my first turn in the hydro slide it was scary I was terified while I was going down its really dark Mr Somiville pushed me down the slide I was saying no dont push me.


  1. wow, looks like you all had fun!

  2. hi rocky

    I was jelous that you got to go siwimramar. was it fun

  3. wow rocky

    what a cool story you wort about siwm a ram a

    from lesieli

  4. Hey Rocky.That was my favorite part as well,but I only went on it one time because I fell on the steps.How many times did you go on the hydro slide?Your story was awesome.It was scary and dark I know.I cant wait to hear another story from you.From your best friend Robert.


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