Friday, February 18, 2011

baseball with cola

on a wonderfull day we played baseball. it was spectaculer because we all got a turn of fielding and bating.first cola told a the rules I was saying to myself come on I want to play.finally game on I was so excited to play. we splited into groups red and blue . so we whent on with the game. first blue had to field and red was bating. Isaia hit the ball and missed the ball and foul ball the second time he tried to hit it and finally made it but it didnt go far enough to make a home run. after that the blue teams turn wich was me I was so nervous about bating so I decided to go to the back of the line. as I got closer to bating I got scareder as I got closer.It was my turn to bat the first time I tried to hit the ball but I missed it. after that I ran as fast as I can but I didn’t make it.just before we left cola told us what we were good at and what what we weren’t good at. he said that we should swing harder then swing littile. finalliy we left back to our class.


  1. Hey Rocky,
    My name is AnnMerritt Taylor. I'm a junior in college at the University of South Alabama. Right now I'm in a class called EDM 310. Dr.Strange is my teacher and he teaches us how to use blogs and other things on the internet.

    I loved your blog post! I used to play softball in high school, so I love baseball too. I love all of your hats! Is that part of y'alls uniforms? Do y'all have to wear uniforms? I did at my elementary school and high school.

    I also love the picture that you uploaded! It is so pretty outside! I'm ready for it to be warm enough here for me to wear shorts again!

    *Helpful hint- I don't know if your teachers check your blogs for spelling yet. Mine do :(. So if your teachers ever say anything about spelling a quick way you can check it (if you don't have a spell checker on your computer already) you can just go to this website Spell Checker .

    Anyway, great job on your blog! I really enjoyed reading it! Feel free to visit mine anytime you want at My Class Blog ,

  2. Hi Rocky

    I like how you and your class had so much fun together

    Thank you!!!!


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