Friday, August 26, 2011


Badminton is a very fun game. We got to learn how to play badminton at school, how lucky were we.
As Donna, from Sport Auckland taught us how to do a very powerful hit, it seemed that the racquet might fly out of my hand. She then took us to hit shuttles up and down into the air. As pivoting shoes slipped on the shiny floor, kids persevered till the end to hit the shuttle. I really wanted to stop now, however next we got to play Badminton soccer and that was cool.

Whacking and hitting the shuttle, back and forth, the game was so quick that nobody got to have a proper turn. The only one who stayed in for a long time was my friend, Uili. In saying that, the only reason was because no one ever hit the shuttle to him, so he did not have a chance to get out.

I desperately tried to hit the shuttle directly to my opponent. 'Pinging' "nosies from a shuttle sounds like success” I said to myself. As concentration filled the class, people began to give up.

I was very happy, although very tired but the day had been a success. I am now waiting for next week and crossing my fingers that we can do a sport similar to Badminton again.

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