Monday, September 26, 2011

Making Alfajorcitos

Mouth watering tasty alfajorcitos is now my favourite snack. We made yummy and delicious alfajorcitos. These are a very popular treat in Argentina. Some people eat them for lunch, dinner and even breakfast. We had a go at making alfajorcitos ourselves.

Making alfajorcitos takes just a few very simple steps. Just put dulce de leche on the two biscuits and squash them together. Dulce de leche is similar to caramel but is condensed milk boiled for three hours. We then rolled the biscuits in coconut.

The first experience that I had was when the dulce de leche oozed over my tongue. It trickled over my taste buds. Yum I thought. The biscuits were just a little too big for the dulce de leche to be tasted properly I tried to smother enough dulce de leche so that the coconut would stick.

That is one my favourite experiences, I wish we could have had an extra one. But I had a good time at giving it a go Yum.

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  1. Hi Rocky! Alfajorcitos are also great at picnics and bithdays partys!! In Argentina we love them and there is even a top tem of alfajorcitos brands... you can even get very creative with them, you can cover them with black or white chocolate, put nuts over the cover, put colors coconuts for extra fun, put chocolate mousse or even icecream instead of the dulce de leche... and you could even make a kiwi-argentinean new kind of alfajorcito... with hoky pocky icecream!!
    Well, as you can see, I am an alfajorcito´s Fan!! but i also love CookieTime cookies... what else do you like?


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