Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paint balling


During My Holiday I went to go paint balling I went with some of my friends. It was so cool,I wanted to quickly get my gun and shoot them. While waiting to go I got so bored I fell asleep. Finally we got there. We were waiting for at least 5 minutes. Until it was time for action WOO HOO.

"Who to shoot" I said with a blink of and eye I quickly saw brother I quickly shot him "NO!" he said I shoot him right in the neck. Tears forming as my brother continued to play. I was laughing at him so hard I almost cried.

Paint balling was nearly finished I had to make this last shoot and i'll make our team would win. I was walking around as was about to give up, just before I was about to I saw my Freind trying to sneak up on his big brother squash I shot him and look like it was painful.

I really liked paint balling and wish you could do it  in the holidays to

Sunday, July 22, 2012


During the weekends I went to watch the dark knight rises it was pretty cool. It was about how batman returns back to be batman again and do his duties. We watched it in the XTREME SCREEN. I couldn't even wait to get to see the screen.

Waiting for the movie to finish I was quickly falling asleep guess how long the movie was two hours!
The movie went on I was falling asleep until batman tried to save there world he finally died "WO HOOO" I said with joy. As it went on sadly he lived.

I'll leave the rest of you people to watch it yourself.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Olympic Posing

I am acting as a runner in the olympics. I used pixlr to edit my photo. Hope you enjoy my photo.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Immersion assembly

Waiting for the second bell it finally rang "yay" I yelled with joy. I quickly tried to run in line to go to immersion assembly. It's a new term and were learning about Olympics. I was trying to go my fastest to the hall. "OH MY GOSH" all the teachers were dressed up I couldn't believe what I saw. Finally all the classes were there. It was time for immersion assembly to begin.

Team 1 started their item. They were my favorite item because they showed a cool movie of two famous Olympians. One was a very famous high jumper and the other a sprinter. One of  there names is Dick Qwax and the other Yvonne Williams. They were also interviewed by Mrs George a teacher at our school.

I can't wait to learn more about the olympics and the history behind the olympic games. I also can't wait for the amazing athletes to show their abilities on the world stage.