Friday, October 7, 2011

Auckland warriors

What a disappointing game the warriors lost vs Manly sea eagles. The warriors were in the grand final they played at Sydney. It was a mighty challenge for the Warriors after nearly losing all there games.

The kick went off the warriors did big hits two people bumped right into each other that Steve Matais eye bleed. It was there desire to win there strength really tested them to go further. They busted through the through Manly but they kept fumbles and despiar whenever they had the ball. They attacked Ivan Clary wasn't very happy.

The warriors game of there life wasn,t really working out until Manu vatu vai got the try.They kept on having trys but it was always knock ons. The warriors would lose.
With a comeback The sea eagles won.

It was a frustrating game. Better luck next year.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

De bono Hats

What I enjoyed. I liked Afl because we got to learn how to do skills and how to catch in different ways.

What I didnt really enjoy. I didint really enjoy badminton cause everybody kept fighting.

I learnt more about.math whizz it really helps me with thing that I struggle with.

I felt a little bit disappointed. because people kept blocking our way for prodoution . but still happy.

The most interesting thing. was entering movie comptteions and I really liked acting.

I could of done better at reading if I used my books to read more