Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Finding Nemo

Head down looking at the rock marlin was really sad, all of a sudden Dory appeared and vocalised “Hey Mr Grumpy Gills When life gets you down”, you know what you gotta do”? Marlin, feeling confused shouted “I don’t want to know what you gotta do”!
“La la la la” Dory sang. Dory, “No singing” exclaimed Marlin grumpily. Dory was trying to cheer him up but nothing seemed to work.
“I love to swim When you want to swim” declared Dory. Marlin moaned “See I’m gonna get stuck now with that song now it’s in my head”.
“Sorry”. Dory replied


  1. HI Rocky,
    Great paragraph! You added a LOT of detail around your speech which made me hooked in and it was great. I like how you used the word vocalized. Your writing has improved a whole lot more! Keep it up.


  2. Hey Rocky

    Nice work on this blogpost you have put alot of thinking in between the speech.I really liked that word grumpily. Nice pic marlin looks french.

    From Isara


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