Thursday, March 28, 2013


Why a Easter eggs part of Easter well that why I'm here to find out. According to my calculations Easter eggs are about symbolizing new life and many more. I also think that it represent the empty tomb of Jesus when he left that why Easter eggs are hollow. But before we had chocolate eggs people used real eggs and painted it in bright colours

These are my beliefs of why we have Easter eggs on Easter But there are many more.

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  1. Hey Rocky!

    It seems like you really did some thinking about the meaning of Easter. I like your idea that the eggs represent new life. Maybe each color represents a different personality, or maybe it's because each real egg is the beginning of a chicken's life. What do you think?

    The hollow egg could also represent the tomb of Jesus. After all, Easter is the celebration of His resurrection.

    Hope you find some brightly colored eggs, and maybe some chocolate ones too. Happy Easter!

    Samantha Wesson
    EDM 310


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