Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Key

Walking across the misty fog mason stumbled upon the frosty grass as I saw a key. “what is this mason” asked himself. this key was golden with diamonds on it. I wonder what this could do he thought, Although he lived at a castle and there were heaps of doors locked. I think i'm going to try to open a door. mason was at this last door hoping that there that this key would be any good. Click the door slammed open as he stopped and stared at a pile of treasures. What could I do with this mason thought.

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  1. Hey Rocky,

    I'm deffinately interested in finding out what Mason did with that treasure. Watch out for punctuation and capitols, the speach marks should only cover what Mason says - not Masons name aswell.

    Awesome work, Keep writing :) Mr. Hutchings


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