Friday, March 22, 2013

Surfing Dog

As we made our way to the beach, isara and I were practicing up the sand Isara and his dog were really good at tensing there abs. Isara and I continued to tense, isaras dog went out to sea. “OH NO” I said isara and I went out to sea as there was no sign of isaras dog. “I wonder where he is” I said. We looked all over the ocean as there was nothing to be heard.

“I wonder where the water took him” Isara said. As we were about to leave we heard a gigantic roar as it sounded like Isaras dog, We went out to sea as we called hear the cry louder and louder. I wonder where he is.

As we got closer we saw a surfboard, “what the isara” said. Until all of a sudden isaras dog all wet and soggy he jumped on the surfboard as big wave was about to clash into him no!! With a jump Isaras dog went over the big wave and went carving up the waves. What Is he doing.

He was going right on top of the waves and doing tricks. Until he finally stopped he was wet and soggy. We will never let isaras dog come beach with us ever again.

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