Thursday, May 30, 2013

50 kgs Burger

One day there was a guy named Jesiah he wanted to create an enormous burger. Jesiah grinned as he said “I want to be in the world records”. Excitingly looking for ingredients, Jesiah did not find enough stuff for his burger he went mental because there was nothing in his kitchen Huffing and Puffing, Jesiah calmed down as he thought of and idea. As he continued to think, he screamed aloud and said “I'm going to steal stuff from Isaras Takeaway shop”.

sneaking through the shop he saw big blocks of cheese and found many other stuff. He heard a noise was it Isara jesiah whispered to himself and said “never mind its probably in my head”. Luckily Jesiah was not caught he started making his burger for tomorrow morning. His Burger was ready weighing 50 kgs. he took it to the guinness world records as he stopped and stared at his fantastic burger. Police and security were surrounding the place as they were about to approach him. Thinking of how to escape after stealing loads of ingredients. Jesiah ran away with his burger, Suddenly Jesiah found a restaurant running into the shop he noticed it was Isaras Take Away.

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