Thursday, November 1, 2012

Writing Sample

“Dude I wonder where we are ” I said. This is wild we don't know where we are. Oh no we're going to be eaten from a witch. We were meant to be going to party somewhere until we were lost. Now we're in a bush where we can't get out of this bush it’s hopeless. But legends say that this Bush has been cursed and now we can't get out.

We now are walking down the street a bit more until SUDDENLY. POOF It sounded like a bad experiment go wrong! “AHHHHHHH” My friend said. Then a big shadow was coming our way until Bang we were knocked out cold. “Welcome”,” whose there” I said in pain. Your at my lovely house she said. I had a feeling that this is not going to be good.

Quickly I jumped hitting my head,who are you” I am the ugly witch who are you. I'm Mordecai. Why did you curse this Bush park. You want to know she said that it was because she had no friends. So we decided To be her friend and she can get a makeover so locals at our town will like her.

Now she has a lot friends and is very kind. And the Bush is opened again. Guess what else happened she made the bush a museum.

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