Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Worlds Biggest Sneeze

HAA Chooo a big fat sneeze comes out oh no my parents to Japan again Oh no. I have this problem with sneezing it is so big that it makes people fly into space and different countries to. I want to try and stop my problem with having the Biggest sneeze ever.

My Dad says that his great great great grandad had the biggest sneeze in the world so he says. So I probably got it from him. My doctor quit his job because of me. At school my friends always bring spare clothes because I always sneeze. haaaaaa choooo aw mann my favourite book!

Oh no another day at the Doctors my doctor said that just maybe I could cover my nose with some toilet paper. Guess what it has been working for the last week.

Finally I can see my parents more often instead of them staying at china.

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  1. Hey Rocky, I really liked your story but it sort of like Jouan's blog post. But I can't wait to read more of your blog post's


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