Tuesday, September 4, 2012

54 Year Old Camera

Have you seen a 54 year old Kodak Camera? My auntie got an old camera from one of her clients.The name for it is Kodak sterling 2 camera, the camera is very different to our new cameras. It has this button to open this little box which has this lens in it to take photos.

I need film for it so I can take photos. I want to see how long I can keep it and probably sell it.
Please give me your opinion about this photo I have shared with you.


  1. Hello Rocky,

    That camera looks a bit like my grandads old camera he sold his and he got quite a bit of money. Have you seen one of those cameras that you take the photo and it comes out already printed. It is really cool we have heaps of photos that are still negative. Great Work Rocky I like your work it is amazing keep it up.

  2. Hi rocky,

    I wish I had one of those and really its 54 years old any ways keep up the good work and I love reading your posts plus keep up the posts :-)

    By Antonio ;-)

  3. Hey rocky I like your PG's and what a nice camera that your aunty have. hope that I have one like that. hope you learn lots about that.


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