Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cross country

Cross country is not my favorite part of the year - we have to run.  
My pounding heart just feels like butterflies, I don't want to really run. I was singing "rain rain rain" in a fierce way but it didn't happen, "just have to run" I said.
Mr Burt was saying on your marks My lungs were telling me to go easy at the start. I was scared. People were sprinting at the start and I was jogging. I already had burning lungs telling me to slow down.

We had then got halfway it already felt like the path was never ending. Me, well I persevered till the end, as my spirit lifted I could almost see my school again YAY.

When we got to school I saw people cheering for me. It was like I was in a concert. With the last energy I saved my best till last.

I was happy that I actually finished, I could have been left sitting in the creek.

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