Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aussie Rules

What an afternoon that was when we played Aussie rules fun I said to myself”. Megan and Allissa Helped us with skills and drills I knew this was going to be a day.

As blustrey wind went through my hair It was like a season It was changeable it .
It was unexpected weather.

Skills and warm up was fun was that we played a game named jumper bumper it is when you keep bumping each other untill you put your other leg down. That was fun ,warm up that was. Bouncing up and down the ball was just frustrating so far so good I said.

Kicking baseball was fun. Waiting in the line was boring.
until it was my turn I kicked the ball “yay” just two steps away I was out “man” I said I walked away with a big fat frown.

That was fun what a Thursday I just cant wait to play that silly old kicking baseball.
I'm hoping to make next week like a good time like last Thursday .

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