Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Managing Self

This week we have been working on a task to make a mtv. From my perspective we have managed our time very well we had one week of movie making we finished before the time frame we were given, it was also was a good movie. The thing that wasn't good was our camera had this lagging problem. The thing I need to work on next is contribute more with the boys to help plan. From rate out of 1 to 3 for managing myself I would give myself a 2 because although I was working well I would still muck around at times.

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  1. Hello Rocky!

    My name is Jennifer. I think it is AMAZING that you and your group made a movie. I've never even attempted to make a movie of any sort, but I'm going to have to make some for one of my classes soon. I went ahead and looked at the post from a couple days before this one, and I really like the movie your group made!

    As far as the camera issues go, you can't control everything. Sometimes things go wrong, but what is important is how you react to the problem! I think your group adapted pretty well! I also think that it is great that you want to strive to work harder! It is kind of hard to stay focused at times. What are you planning on doing to get yourself to a 3?

    Thanks for reading my comment!
    Jennifer Cole


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