Monday, April 7, 2014

March Writing Sample

It all starts in Glen Innes a pretty small community there is lots of very special things in GI but one particular thing for me is Point England School.

it started in the 1950s . To me Point England school is very special to me because it has a because it has been around here for a very long time and it still exist and even our principal Mr Burt.

Point England School also has very smart students.we work with digital learning objects on a daily basis like Ipads Netbooks Imacs you name it and, also very cool teachers. I could go on and on. we a very good at sport 3 years ago our rugby 7s team went down to tauranga to play in the nationals and came first!

This school is no ordinary school we are famous we have had the famous Will.I.AM come to our school who gave us a cheque with lots of money, we have skyped with Will Smith. I think that's why our school is very special maybe you should bring your kids here too.

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