Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Netbook Reflction

This year I have had more experience especially from my teacher, I now know how to use scratch and make my own game. This has been another amazing year using my netbook. Although my teacher has taught me a lot of stuff I have also taught myself how to do stuff
I really appreciate how you guys have let me use this device to discover new things.

This has been a pleasure to work with maniakalani. I have learnt from my mates how to get around through things using proxy sites servers.
The thing I have learnt outside of school is how to change my keyboard settings  
I have gained more and more experience using this special device.

I have discover a lot of new

digital learning and learnt to be cyber smart around different sites. Big thumbs up to the maniakalani  crew with a big success on giving kids opportunities and bringing learning to and whole new level.

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