Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What Was That?

“Wake up ” something whispered. George wasn't happy “its the holidays” he replied. Slowly he crawled out of bed. walking through the hallway he could feel something was not right he could usually hear his little brothers crying and screaming but George couldn't hear them and His mum would have been burning something by now.

He got to the lounge but to his surprise no one was home wondering who whispered. George was frightened knowing that someone whispered to him. As he was about to sit down he just remembered they might be at the supermarket he thought again but why would they leave me here.

The day went bye as Georges family did not come he was now very worried. He thought to himself they do sleep for the whole day during the holiday.

He hears another noise coming from his room it whispers “wake up” he rushes to his room where he stumbles upon his alarm it says “wake up” repeatedly george must of forgot to change his alarm times.. The rest of the family were sleeping for the whole day

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