Monday, September 2, 2013

Waitangi Trip

This waitangi trip was amazing for me because I made connections with my family. Whaea Emma told me about my maori side of the family like the wihongi’s. I have found out that Hone Heke a maori Chief of Ngapuhi Is my tupuna. He was in the musket wars. Thank you for helping me make connections with my whanau and my tupuna. I was very blessed for having Mr Gemmell for coming and asking his mentor about my whanau this was my highlight of my week in Waitangi


  1. Hey Rocky that was a great story about the Waitangi. Keep up the good work man :)

  2. Hi Rocky! My name is Chastity Westry. I am a student at the University of South Alabama taking a course called EDM310 that assigned me to your post. I also have a blog, .

    I really enjoyed reading about your Waitangi trip. Finding out your Tupuna was the Cheif of Ngapuhi and served in musket wars has to be mind blowing.

    Also, I really liked your photo with you standing by a wall of family portraits. It must be nice to have such a big family!

    keep blogging:) You did a great job!

  3. My name is Savanah Moore and I am a student at the University of Souh Alabama. I am in EDM 310 and as assigned to read your blog this week! This is the link to my Bog
    Wow! That's so cool that your Tupuna was Chief of Ngapuhi! That must have be really fun to learn about on your trip. I also really liked your picture! It reminds me of a wall at my Grandparents house that is full of pictures of my family. Sometimes it can be interesting looking at the older pictures and seeing how much we have all changed!


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