Friday, December 14, 2012

Being An Ambassador for 2012

This year of being an ambassador has been really fun. A real highlight was learning to build my confidence and talk properly. I loved meeting many important people like the mayor. I wish I could go back and be an ambassador for school in 2013.

The most favorite part was going to our away games to AUT, and MIT. Our last one was really fun because we got dinner at the hall. I wish that I could be an ambassador again. Thanks Mrs Burt.

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  1. Rocky, you have been a wonderful Ambassador for Pt England School in 2012.
    I have loved seeing you get better and better at speaking and connecting with your audience. I love the way you were able to think about what you audience wanted to hear as the year went on.

    For the rest of your life you will always know that you are a fantastic public speaker because lots of very important adults ( like the mayor and Ministers of Parliament) have told you so.

    You have made me very proud

    Mrs Burt


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