Friday, August 31, 2012

Jesse Owens

Guess who my favorite athlete is? Jesse Owens, I like him because his heart for playing at the 1936 Belgium Olympics. Hitler was attending the games when hitler saw Jesse owens owning the race. He wanted the blonde hair men to win but Jesse Owens beat them. Jesse owens also won in long jump to.

Jesse had won the 100m, 200m 4X100 relay and long jump. Soon after, hitler honored Jesse owens. He inspires me for going to the olympics where he was surrounded with germans.

Jesse Owens made a new friend who was german. He beat him in long jump and sprinting. He sadly died 1980 in march 31st in tucson Arizona.

Jesse owens is legendary and I hope that he did his best at the 1936 Belgium Olympics.

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  1. Hi Rocky
    LOVE your post it is amazing can`t you believe what you have done. JESSE OWENS is a great runner
    alot of people love Jesse Owens your story is enjoyable and filled with interesting words.

    Keep up the good work Rocky

    Have a lovely day from Mao


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