Monday, May 7, 2012

Swimming is the best!

“Yay swimming” I said with excitement because we were going to the pools. We instantly walked down to the Glen innes pools to learn how to swim. Also we had instructors to help us with the basics. Robert my friend is in my group. I quickly got changed into my togs and and shot down to the showers. I was pushing and shoving my way through just to have a shower!

Finally it was swimming time. Our instructor was helping my friends and I was really excited. We learnt a lot of basics. Swimming across each of the lanes was more fun. Also having breathing competitions. I wonder what will happen today?

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  1. Hey Rocky,

    What a great story about our fabulous time at swimming!!! You should check your writing again I found some mistakes. But the rest was super awesome!!! Can't wait to see what you have produced next!!!

    From Jouan


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