Friday, March 4, 2011


“Be back before midnight”instructed The Fairy Grandmother, as Cinderella climbed into the coach. "I will you do not need to care about me you go and have a fun time." She exclaimed as she was walking waving goodbye.

“Where are you going?”the handsome prince asked as the clock struck midnight.
"I have to go, I have to go" Cinderella shouted, stumbling down the palace steps.

“You’ll never go to the ball.”screamed the ugly step sisters as Cinderella was combing her hideous hair. "But I got an invited too" Cinderella cried out loud while she was polishing her shoes

“Will you marry me? asked the Prince, while down on bended knee.
"Oh yes I love you" Replied Cinderella, into the Prince’s arms.

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