Thursday, February 24, 2011

Earth quake in Christ church

Tuesday the 22 of February 2011 Christchurch was again by a earthquake was 6.3 magnitude . a lot of people were still scared of left over buldings would tumble over and hit others . a lot of people where shouting for the men to come help them . its really heart breaking. a earthquake is when the plates grind together which makes it causes a earth quake. the dust choked the dust that it looked like it was fog on a ugly day. the citizens were searching for survivors but unfortnitly people remaind not found.

A lot of people were injured people a trying there best to take them to safety.rescuers have made a hospital could make shift hospital were they help people on the side of the road. some of them are coming to Auckland because the Christ church hospital equtment is broken for them to live.To this miniute pepole are still stuck under buldings some have minery injers.Item Thumbnail

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